How Will You Leave Your Legacy?

Charitable gifts help The Baldwin School meet our current goals and reach further in the future. But did you know that a planned gift to Baldwin can help you achieve your goals as well by protecting your property, providing for your family and guaranteeing you a life income?

Many types of planned gifts support our mission of forming women capable of leading their generation while living balanced lives. With your gift, you will help preserve the future of Baldwin, and become part of the Elizabeth Forrest Johnson Society, a growing group of alumnae, friends and supporters who are making a difference at The Baldwin School.

We invite you to join us. Please consider a confidential, no-obligation conversation to start this journey with us.

The Elizabeth Forrest Johnson Society

Established in the spring of 1988, the Elizabeth Forrest Johnson Society recognizes those who continue the tradition of support begun by Miss Johnson, head of the School from 1915 to 1941.

Its members have made a contribution to Baldwin's Pooled Income Fund, left a bequest to Baldwin in their wills or notified the School in writing that they have created a provision in their estate plans to benefit Baldwin. These provisions include bequests, retirement funds, life insurance and charitable remainder and lead trusts.

The Baldwin School is deeply grateful to the people listed below who are continuing a tradition of philanthropy that allows Baldwin to remain a leader in independent school education. THANK YOU.

Lyn Agre '85
Hope Pasfield Aldrich '56
Mary Lober Auchincloss '59
Caroline Dwight Bain '40*
Emma Scheidt Bauer '44
Janet Lee Beach '67
Gail Beckman '55*
Deborah Benjamin '63
Sandra Moss Bentz '65
Leonora Patterson Berry 1927*
Sarah Roberts Boardman '44
Joan Harper Bray '47
Laurie Reuben Breen '69
Beatrice Briggs '62
Martha Pease Bronson '39*
Robert Brooks and Rhea Brooks
Marian Taylor Brown '33*
Julia Scheffey Buckman '44*
Erica Burns '70 ½
Carol Soliday Cameron '46*
Thomas Cameron
Celia Smith Carroll '70 ½
Jennifer Casey '71
Barbara Hunter Chaffee '67*
Betsey Trotter Chalmers '60
Charlotte Child '47
Marcia Mulford Cini '60
Elizabeth Prideaux Collins '57
Gloria Conn '44*
Clive Hulick Connor '71
Hannah Young Cooke 1910*
Patricia Craig '77
Jane Crosby 1923*
Rosamond Cross*
A. Steffen Wright Crowther '68
Marjorie Wolfe Curtis '40*
Barbara Wood Dana '32*
Judy Datesman '71
Anne Carrigan Dearden '51
Lauren DeBruicker '90
Ann Copeland Deffler '50*
Charles Dethier*
Julia Wood DeVuono '84
Alexis Dudden '87
Carol McClave Duncan '54
Janet Nichols Eaton '40
Louisa Marjorie Eglin*
Mary Abbott Estabrook '38*
Martha Saunders Ferguson '47
Jennifer Ferree '82
Nancy Keeney Forster '46*
Betty Thom Foster '31*
Karen Fox '67
Barbara Welch French '34*
Jean Funk '33*
Elissa Getto '65
A. Edwina "Petey" Gilfillan '55
Barbara Goldman-Sherman '83
Priscilla Willard Good 1924*
Allison Goodwin '89
Barbara Hippel Gordon '48
Ann Wagoner Grahn '49*
Elizabeth Boyle Graves '56
Connie Althouse Greene '53
Madeline B. Gummey*
Valerie Guy '42*
Althea Guy '50*
Linda Hadley '81
Laura Hales 1916*
Judith Jayne Hamilton '57
Judith Hammerschmidt '70 ½
Barbara Dunlop Hauptfuhrer '56
Alisan Buckley Henderson '49
Helene Zimmermann Hill '46
Laura Holding 1922*
Mary Bazemore Hopkins '44
Carlotta Greenfield Howard '38*
Margaret Cooney Hughes '32*
Clive Hulick*
Joan Hutchinson '63
Elizabeth Hook Irish '64
Rachel Funk Jenkins '44
Barbara Zimmermann Johnson '44*
Mary Hoxie Jones 1922*
Elizabeth Miller Keith '30*
John Kelley and Nancy Kelley
Andrew Kellogg*
A. Traill Arnold Kenety '39*
Thomas Kines and Diane Kines
Leslie King '74
Emily Klebanoff '85
Emilie Knud-Hansen '70
Marcia Soden Kola '60
Jane Gilfillan Krumrine 1920*
Jane Krumrine '55
Mary Fisher Landrum '44*
Susan Bunting Larson '65
Mary Lou Leavitt '59
Vivienne Lee '64
Dorcas Leibold '40
Nancy Corbit Lewars '60
Elizabeth Bridgers Lin '60*
Ruth Lott '63
Patricia Curtin Louchery '42*
Janice Lower '71
Isobel Arnold Mark '33*
Priscilla Atwater Marsh '46*
Stephanie Beck Mason '66
Margaret Hansen Massell '41*
Catharine Eglin Maxey '53
Bonnie Moxey Maxwell '56
Dorothy Rogers Mayhew '93
Lauren Skubick McAlister '92
Barbara Henneberger McClosky '34*
Grace Vander Veer McDonough 1921*
Mary Scott McElroy '53
Mary Cressman McLear 1925*
Frieda Schierenbeck Mecray '44
Judy Michel
Kate Miller '78
Barbara Shearer Minsker '61
Margaret Mitchell 1920*
Frances Oakford Moore 1922*
Margaret Mudd '48*
J. Margaret Ada Mutch 1922*
Elizabeth Haas Nina '46*
Margaret Cormeny O'Brien '60
Nancy Patton Osgood '60
Catherine Pabst*
Susannah Watson Perkinson '65
Jan Pethick
Nancy Palmer Plunkett '38*
Jane Polk '52*
Esther Paulson Quaintance 1921*
Sarah McLaughlin Quillman '34*
Nan Kaufman Quinn '39*
Jane Johnston Rees '37*
Lois McClarin Revi '51
Sandra Sharp Rhodes '51
Alexandra Leys Rickenbacker '49
Jane Rosen '63
Elizabeth Atchley Rowland '64
Jane Royster '65*
Frederick Russell
Alfred T. Ryan*
Ruth Sadler '68
Eleanor Burnham Sanborn '33*
Patricia Chasteney Sawin '44*
Frances Schaeffer '34*
Mary Hulme Schenck 1923*
Margaret Fritz Schneider '50
Tatjana van der Horst Schwendinger '65
Gwinn Heilner Scott '58
Elizabeth Shackelford '65
Nancy-Beth Gordon Sheerr '67
John J. F. Sherrerd*
Kathleen Compton Sherrerd '50*
Ingeborg Jessen Shields '35*
Jeanne Santamarie Shihadeh '37*
Anne Shoemaker*
Rachel Shoemaker '08
Abigail Adams Silvers '52*
Jacqueline H. Simon*
Geraldine Emery Sloat 1911*
Maisha Smart '90
Jane Smith '41*
Robin Blum Smith '57
Amy Sobel '86
Emily Barnett Southgate '62
Blair Stambaugh
Penny Wilson Stanger '66
Sue Zook Starr '53
Dola Davis Stemberg '70
Rachel Gerstenhaber Stern '83
Juliana Wright Stowe '45*
Ruth Strang '40
Elizabeth Brooks Stull '46
Ann Haynes Stults '42*
Elizabeth Swoope Sweetow '65
Charlotte Little Taylor '36*
Katharine Burch Taylor 1927*
Marjorie Garic Thomas*
Hortense Rigby Tucker 1920*
Suetse Li Tung '46
Eleanor Uhl '40
Elaine Stone Wagner '50*
Molly Frishmuth Walter '44*
Louise Ward '60
Kristen Warden '04
Charlotte Heuer Watts '53
Betty Weaver 1916*
Julia Haas Webb '44*
Christie Webb-Heidenreich '64
Mary Anne Whelan '57
Jonathan and Jen White
Mary Pell Whitmer '52
Cecile Dunlap Whitmyer '32*
Jan Beck Wilson '65*
Susan Houser Winant '78
Florence Clothier Wislocki 1922*
Nancy Wylie '43*
Sally Warehime Yelland-Ehrhart '54
Gertrude Gray Yourke '42*

The Most Popular Planned Gifts

  • Gifts From Your Will

    • General Bequest

      Through a provision in your written and executed will, you can make a gift in the form of cash, securities, real estate or personal property. There are many types of bequests. Choose the one that best fits your needs and intentions.

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  • Beneficiary Gifts

    • Retirement Accounts

      Naming Baldwin as the beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan asset such as a 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Keogh, profit-sharing pension plan or other donor-advised funds, will accomplish a charitable goal while realizing significant tax savings.

      Download Beneficiary Form
  • Invest in the Future

    • Endowment

      Our endowment is an investment in the future, ensuring we can pursue our essential mission in perpetuity. A strong endowment gives us confidence to plan and make strategic, long-term decisions on a foundation of financial security. By directing an unrestricted planned gift to our endowment, you are establishing a future for our most valuable resources--our teachers, students and campus.

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